This is a small compilation of websites of my fellow MVPs, Forums, Blogs as well as interesting general information regarding Microsoft® Access and other technologies. If you feel that your personal website should be added to this list contact me through the contact menu option and I will try to update this page as soon as possible.



MVPs Sites

General Links



UtterAccess Forum


Access World Forum


Microsoft® Office Discussion Groups






Yahoo MS Access Professionals Group




Clint Convington's Blog


Microsoft® Access Team Blog Gary Robinson's Blog (MVP)


Tony Toews Access Blog (MVP)


Community Group Therapy Blog (Sean O'Driscoll)


Steve Schapel's DMS Facets Blog (MVP)


Alex Dybenko's Access Blog


Roger Carlson Blog


Agree's Access Blog


Ryan McMinn's Blog

MVPs Sites


Allen Browne


Roger Carlson


Jeff Conrad


Alex Dybenko


Henry Habermacher


Teresa Hennig


Stephen Lebans


Arvin Meyer


Thomas Möller


Steve Schapel


Graham R. Seach


Doug Steele


Tony Toews


Lynn Trapp


John Viescas


Joan Wild


Gunter Avenius


Karl Donaubauer


Ken Snell


Bob Larson

General Links


The Access Web


FunctionX Access


FontStuff Access


DatabaseDev Database Solutions for Microsoft Access


AppleCore Access Pages




Utter Angel's Download Page


Blue Claw Database Design


Fabalou Access Help


Access RunCommand List


Andrew Comeau's


DI Management Services database design consultant


Dave Thompson Consulting


Data Recovery


Access Repair


Links Exchange


File Recovery


Domino to Exchange Migration


Payroll Software


RPT Software




Migration Upsizing SQL Tool